Contact Lenses Don’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

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Vision Fading?
cheap contact lensesMany people who were born with 20/20 vision notice slight changes to how well they are able to see as they start to get older. In fact, more than 50 per cent of people who have severe vision issues are over the age of 65 and studies have shown that one in six individuals over the age of 45 have some sort of vision impairment issue. This is because, over time, age-related vision changes occur in both the internal and external portion of the eye. Below are some of the most common issues involved with age-related vision impairment that can show up during an eye exam:
  • The eye lens can become opacified with age. This occurrence is not considered to be a cataract until there is a significant degree of opacification, however the lens of the eye can yellow and this may cause some nearsightedness.
  • The pupils can lose their ability to adjust to light as easily as before. The pupils diminish in size, reducing the light that enters the eye to roughly 30 per cent normal levels.
  • The arteries and the veins of the retina tend to become more narrow with age and this reduces the flow of blood. The aging retina is duller and exhibits a far less responsive light reflex. In these instances, most people notice that they require more light to conduct regular tasks.
These are just some of the issues that can cause eyesight to diminish over time.
Is it Time to Visit an Eye Specialist?
When you find yourself squinting more or simply unable to see as well as you used to, it may be time to visit an eye specialist or optometrist. However, many people are nervous about the possibility of having to wear prescription eyeglasses at this stage in their lives. Furthermore, many people avoid taking this step as they believe the cost may be overly expensive.
Many stores specialize in cheap designer eyeglasses. It is also possible to get affordable prescription sunglasses, safety glasses, bifocals, trifocal or multi-focal eyewear. In addition to this, eyeglasses are becoming more and more stylish and fashionable every single day. More top designers are creating sophisticated eyewear selections for those who want to improve both their eyesight and their style. You can get cheap eyeglass frames from top brands
Glasses Not For You?
For some people, glasses are simply not an option. After living for so long without them, it can be very difficult to accept this new accessory. Cheap contact lens options are available at top eye specialist stores in Canada. Instead of purchasing new glasses, it is possible to get comfortable contact lenses that will drastically enhance your vision while helping you maintain your everyday style.
Many stores offer specials where customers can get both affordable contact lenses and designer frames for a great price. Oftentimes, people choose to switch between contacts and designer glasses so it is great to look for some excellent deals from the best stores in Canada.
If you notice that your vision has been a bit off recently, do not avoid heading to an eye specialist. There are many affordable options for contact lenses and frames and you will be thrilled with both how you see and look.